Effective November 1, 2018, Civic Center Pharmacy’s contract with our current network of insurance plans will be cancelled. Therefore, we will no long be able to bill any insurance plans. We have created a discounted generic drug list to be competitive in the marketplace so that we can continue to service our current patients in the foreseeable future. Most compounded prescriptions will not be affected by this change. Please contact the pharmacy at 480-945-9519 if you have any questions.
Civic Center Pharmacy


Civic Center Pharmacy, providing the best options for customized medications.
State-of-the-art facility to provide the highest quality compounded medications.
Civic Center Pharmacy uses the highest quality pharmaceutical components to customize medications.
Our testing policy and procedures ensure our sterile preparations are the highest quality for our patients.
Custom Compounds for Patients

Welcome to Civic Center Pharmacy

We have been serving the State of Arizona since 1996 with custom sterile and non-sterile medications. Our patient focused philosophy has facilitated our growth in size and reputation. Our family of employees are dedicated to providing high-quality, efficacious, and affordable compound medications for patients and their medical providers.

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